Friday, April 06, 2007

Ng'ombe businessman sues Zambia Bottlers

Ng'ombe businessman sues Zambia Bottlers
By Inonge Noyoo and Laura Mushaukwa
Friday April 06, 2007 [04:00]

A NG'OMBE businessman has sued Zambia Bottlers Limited over a cockroach he found in a bottle of Coca Cola. According to the statement of claim filed in the High Court, John Mvula explained that on November 26, 2006 he bought a bottle of Coca Cola from Mankosapo grocery in Ng'ombe compound. Mvula stated that as he was taking the soft drink, he felt something on his throat.

He explained that he immediately stopped drinking and examined the contents of the Coca Cola bottle and discovered that there was a foreign matter in it.

Mvula stated that he showed the owner of the grocery the contents in the bottle and later reported the matter to the police who advised him to see health authorities at the Civic Centre. He explained that the health authorities then referred the Coca Cola bottle and its contents to the Food and Drug Control laboratory for analysis. Mvula stated that the report from the Food and Drug Control laboratory reviewed that the bottle of Coca Cola contained a dead cockroach and fungus.

He stated that he showed the report to Zambia Bottlers Limited but the company refused to accept liability. Mvula claimed that as a result of drinking adulterated Coca Cola, he fell sick and underwent medical treatment at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH). He is claiming damages as a result of taking the contaminated drink, which made him sick.

Mvula wants interest at short-term deposit rate from November 25, 2006 to the date of judgment at current bank lending rates until full and final settlement. Mvula has also asked the court to award him costs and any other relief that it may deem fit.



At 1:21 PM , Blogger James mvula said...

What a shame. Very injustice. Very toxic to the well being of the people of this country. I will fight for justice my family Zambians will fight with me.


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