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West’s agenda there to instil lack of confidence

West’s agenda there to instil lack of confidence
By Reason Wafawarova

THE US western alliance is currently at full throttle waging wars for imperial authority and supreme control of the international system while trying to fool the rest of the world into believing the false pretexts upon which those wars have been premised.

While the European (western) foreign policy favours the waging of wars on "threatening" or non-pliant weaker states through arm twisting diplomacy and economic sanctions, the US foreign policy has assumed a muscular approach with a highly infamous addition of military threats.

That a country like Zimbabwe finds itself surrounded by members of the notorious imperialist club called the European Union, all wielding the lethal weapon of economic sanctions in one hand and an equally dangerous media of mass deception on the other just goes to show how determined the west is in its quest to stamp imperial authority in every corner of the world.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are pretty much the same wars in Zimbabwe, Venezuela, North Korea, Palestine and Iran; the difference only being in the pretexts and strategies adopted for each of the countries.

The world is meant to believe that the western alliance is in Afghanistan for purposes of hunting down Osama bin Laden and his elusive Al-Quaeda network. That rhetoric is of course tired even in the eyes of the west who now want to posture as crusaders of some noble democratisation programme whose success is supposed to be based on the eradication of the Taliban. That is despite the fact the same western "democratic forces" created the Taliban in the late seventies as a proxy force to counter the Soviet Union’s influence in Afghanistan.

The illegal war on Iraq has been premised on any lie the west can make up from time to time without the western ruling elite caring much about how ludicrous some of these lies have been to the rest of the world including in heartland America itself.

The lie that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction is incontestable as the lie of the 21st century. Tony Blair chipped in with his own piece of history when he skilfully put up a straight face and boldly told the world that Iraq was within 45 minutes of striking the world with the same non-existent weapons of mass destruction. When both lies exposed themselves, as lies always do, the world was told that actually the western alliance was in Iraq to fight terrorism.

They could not come up with a link between Saddam Hussein and Al-Quaeda and they said in fact they were in Iraq to build a democracy and to bring freedom to "oppressed" Iraqis, they even murdered Saddam in a show trial to give a face to this "democracy" project but the world has not been fooled and pressure and criticism keeps mounting on the heartless liars and murderers.

Now they claim that they are training the Iraqis to be able to look after themselves and some are coming clear that they can’t pull out in defeat since that would be a blow to the western reputation, by which they mean western imperial hegemony.

It may be important to look at Zimbabwe and Iran as targets of the western alliance’s imperial wars and to do that it is quite relevant to look at what Nick Burns, the under-secretary of state in the US State Department recently said about Iran.

Said Burns, "It is clear to us that concerted international pressure is helping to undercut the Iranian regime’s sense of ascendancy, unnerve its overly confident leadership and clarify to it the cost of its behaviour."

That sums up the western agenda on Iran.

They want to contain Iran’s influence in the Middle East, to stop its ascendancy from dependency on western hegemony, to instil a lack of confidence in its leadership and to punish it for its temerity to wean itself of dependency on the west.

This is also the context the economic and political war on Zimbabwe by the west should be viewed. By embarking on a programme to dispossess white commercial farmers of the inherited stolen land the Government of Zimbabwe was not only upsetting the set-up of western imperial authority, but also setting a dangerous precedent that colonial structures can be dismantled.

The "loverly confident" leadership of President Mugabe, like that of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had to be unnerved and the behaviour of both the Zimbabwean and Iranian governments should have a big cost tagged onto it in order to get the economies of the two countries "screaming" as Nixon would put it.

For Iran, the US and its allies are putting the squeeze on Teheran through diplomatic pressure, economic pressure and gross provocation to create the pretext for military invasion. The US is hoping to create puppets in Iran by first of all depriving ordinary Iranians of basic welfare support through economic sanctions. They hope to capitalise on the disgruntlement of the suffering masses to create a puppet opposition that they can then fight to prop up into power for the benefit of their hegemony.

For Zimbabwe, the lapdogs in the puppet opposition MDC are well in place, so are the sanctions and the media frenzy about alleged bad governance.

What has been elusive to the opposition in Zimbabwe is victory as a result of the resoluteness and resilience of the popular Zanu-PF and the Government it leads whose liberation war legacy resonates with the majority of Zimbabweans.

It is the same resilience in Iraq where the US has been forced to announce a new policy to manage the ruinous effects of the humiliation the western coalition has been subjected to by the Iraqis. Bush’s new policy on Iraq is quite similar to his new policy on Zimbabwe after his sponsored street troopers from the MDC were swiftly swept from the streets.

The similarity is in that the so-called new policy on Iraq is entirely based on what the Iraqis can do and not what the US can do in Iraq. In the same way the US says it will increase sanctions on Zimbabwe and will add funding to its puppet activists in the MDC and some civic organisations. By so doing the US hopes that the time will come when the pain from the sanctions will force everyone onto the streets, with all roads leading to State House for a dramatic removal of President Mugabe.

What naivete?

Zimbabwe enjoys regional support as was recently proved at the Extra-ordinary Summit of Sadc Heads of State and Government in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where African leaders left the western community together with its puppet MDC in deep shock and shame.

The western alliance has underestimated the resolve of Iran, the same way they underestimate Zimbabwe. Hugo Chavez is quite right in championing the anti-US and anti-imperialist campaign in Latin America. More and more countries should stand up to these racist imperialists so that the world can challenge them with as many war fronts as possible to weaken their capacity.

If ever the world has stood a good chance of getting the west screaming the way they screamed with the collapse of colonial empires it is now. They have to contain China, India, Malaysia, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, North Korea, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan and countries like Somalia and Sudan.

This is the best time to stretch the monster to its knees and the anti-imperialist war has to be upheld in the spirit of a revolution.

While it might be true that the economy of Zimbabwe has been weakened, it is also true that the Government recently soundly sent the west screaming through their powerful media houses as they resolutely thwarted a western sponsored attempt at illegal regime change.

Despite the ongoing genocide in Iraq, the western alliance is screaming in that country too. Iran recently sent them on a two-week screaming session when it captured trespassing British spies in Iranian waters.

Condoleezza Rice says she is deeply concerned with the activities of Chavez and that’s the screaming some would want to hear from the empire.

The west should change its foreign policy so that it can peacefully share the world with everyone else otherwise we stand to see a very unstable world.

l Due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret that we are unable to carry the Nathaniel Manheru column today, any inconvenience is sincerely regretted.

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