Thursday, June 28, 2007

PF MP criticises Chiluba's critics

PF MP criticises Chiluba's critics
By Chibaula Silwamba and Bivan Saluseki
Thursday June 28, 2007 [04:00]

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Kasama central member of parliament Dr Saviour Chishimba has said those that criticise former president Frederick Chiluba should first remove the logs in their eyes.

And Dr Chishimba accused President Levy Mwanawasa of being corrupt.

Featuring on MUVI television's morning breakfast show yesterday, Dr Chishimba said Jesus Christ stated in the Bible that no one should remove that which is in morning breakfast show yesterday, Dr Chishimba said Jesus Christ stated in the Bible that no one should remove that which is in another person's eye before they remove that which is in their eye.

He said President Mwanawasa said his government was a government of laws but wondered why the President was mutilating the same law on corruption cases involving Chiluba.

He said the corruption cases on Chiluba were personal vendettas started by President Mwanawasa and Post editor Fred M'membe.

But MUVI Television management has unreservedly apologised to President Mwanawasa and M’membe over Dr Chishimba’s derogatory remarks against the two.
"We are not sympathising with Dr Chiluba, what we are against is any form of injustice," Dr Chishimba said.

He accused M'membe of being an anti-Christ who called some 'men of God' as false prophets.

"It saddens me that people of Zambia especially believers take pleasure in reading The Post. I don't read The Post myself. I call on Christians to pray and start to see things. We have to stand as a nation especially Christians," said Dr Chishimba, who claimed to be representing over 500 church leaders and 51 businessmen and women.
"I have no time of talking about a hidden anti Christ. I challenge you, MUVI TV to go to The Post and let him say he believes in Christ."

Dr Chishimba accused The Post of insulting Mwata Kazembe after he defended Chiluba.
Dr Chishimba said The Post's editorial comment that stated that Mwata Kazembe was supporting Chiluba because he benefited from the former head of state was an insult.
"Should we take glory in insults?" Dr Chishimba asked.

When told by the presenter Costa Mwansa that The Post was just being objective on Chiluba's corruption cases, Dr Chishimba argued: "Objectivity? I question that objectivity. Objectivity has been totally lost. It's personal vendetta."
He also said The Post never criticise the Mwanawasa government the way it used to do when Chiluba was president.

Dr Chishimba said Chiluba was not the only one mentioned on the ZAMTROP account list but wondered why he was the only one being prosecuted.
"It's injustice," Dr Chishimba said.
He said President Mwanawasa went to Parliament and revealed over 100 corruption cases involving Chiluba, on which grounds he demanded that parliamentarians lift Chiluba's presidential immunity.

He, however, said Chiluba was not given chance to give his side of the story in Parliament before his immunity was removed.

"There is personal agenda manufactured against Dr Chiluba," he said.
He observed that to date Chiluba had not been tried on any of the over 100 cases President Mwanawasa presented in Parliament.

Dr Chishimba said there was so much corruption in the current government compared to the time when Chiluba was president.
"Mwanawasa himself is corrupt," said Dr Chishimba.

But Muvi TV has apologized over Dr Chishimba’s remarks.
“The management of MUVI TV deeply apologises to both the President and Mr. M’membe and regrets that these unwarranted remarks and attacks were made on our station,” MUVI TV management statement read in part. “We, however, wish to categorically disassociate MUVI TV from the views expressed by Dr Chishimba on the programme and state that we consider that Dr Chishimba’s remarks are unwarranted and against the policy of the station.”

The management stated that MUVI TV would not allow the station to be used to further cheap political or personal vendettas against government or other persons.

“Our station stands for building a better country through provision of fair and balanced coverage and reporting,” the statement read. “Once again, we apologise unreservedly to both the Republican president and to Mr M’membe for the embarrassment caused by this morning’s (yesterday’s) broadcast.”

And Kanchibiya member of parliament Albert Kanyanyamila distanced himself from PF parliamentarians that defended Chiluba during a press briefing on Sunday.
"I don't support Chiluba and his corruption. I have been fighting corruption all my life," Kanyanyamila said. "I attended that press conference like any other conference. What I don't want is rebuking Mwata Kazembe."

And headman Kasonde Chiboo from Mungwi yesterday said M'membe had no regard for traditional rulers.

Chiboo said the attacks and insults against Mwata Kazembe by the Post editorial on Tuesday 15th June 2007 for expressing his support for Chiluba were uncalled for.
He said no person who had respect for all traditional leaders in Zambia could condone such insults and attacks.

"It is unfortunate and irresponsible to notice that some people in Zambia have taken it upon themselves to think that whatever they say should be taken as gospel truth and way of life for all Zambians. Fortunately this is not what a good number of Zambians believe and accept. In fact many people are now tired of this attitude by The Post newspaper," he said.

Chiboo said Chiluba did a lot for chiefs with chiefs like Chitimukulu, Chikwanda, Mpezeni, Mushili and the Litunga being sent outside Zambia for medical treatment.
He said Chiluba had respect for traditional leaders and visited chiefs instead of summoning them.

"In addition president Chiluba took steps to improve their mobility by buying them vehicles. Therefore to use the excuse of having benefited from the

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