Wednesday, July 18, 2007

(BBC) Mugabe critic sued for adultery

Mugabe critic sued for adultery

A prominent critic of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Bulawayo, Pius Ncube, is being sued for alleged adultery. The lawsuit has been filed by the husband of a woman who worked as a secretary in the archbishop's office. Lawyers for Archbishop Ncube called the allegations an orchestrated attempt to discredit him.

The archbishop, who denies the allegations, has openly denounced Mr Mugabe as a "megalomaniac". Earlier this month in an interview with the BBC, he argued that a case could be made for the overthrow of the president.

Zimbabwean state radio said Onesimus Sibanda was demanding 20 billion Zimbabwe dollars (about $160,000, or £80,000 on the country's black market exchange rate) in damages from the archbishop.

It said his wife, Rosemary Sibanda, had "admitted the affair to" the state broadcasting company. Attorney Nick Matonzi said it was "some kind of orchestrated attempt to embarrass the archbishop", who he said would deny the allegations in court.

Earlier this year, Archbishop Ncube called for mass street protests and said people must be prepared to stand in front of "blazing guns" to force Mr Mugabe from power.

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