Friday, July 27, 2007

Chitoba acts on 'suspected' whistleblowers

Chitoba acts on 'suspected' whistleblowers
By Noel Sichalwe
Friday July 27, 2007 [04:00]

DRUG Enforcement Commission (DEC) Commissioner Ryan Chitoba (right) has transferred and demoted about 10 officers that are suspected to have leaked information relating to financial scandals surrounding the institution. This follows Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigations into the abuse of office allegations against Chitoba and his deputy Jacob Koyi.

Among those transferred is Jackline Chisi who has been taken from headquarters to Solwezi.

Chisi was also demoted by seven ranks from that of senior human resource personnel to a clerk while a Malambo, assistant commissioner, has been transferred to Ndola.
Others are Mercy Lungwane, an assistant investigations officer who has been transferred to Mpulungu, Patson Chiwala, a senior investigations officer and his wife Hope Chiwala, an investigations officer who have been posted to Kabompo while Mable Lumbwe, a clerk officer has been posted to Kasama.

Bridget Kafwimbi, an investigations officer has been taken to Kasempa, Chansa Chibwe, a senior investigations officer has been transferred to Kabwe, Justine Phiri, a senior investigations officer has been posted to Mansa and Anice Luwi, an assistant investigations officer has been posted to Mpulungu.

Sources said Malambo was transferred after querying and asking Stephen Chiyanzo, Chitoba’s nephew, to exculpate himself for carrying a loaded firearm when he was not entitled to do so.

The sources said when Chitoba heard of the incident, he wondered why Malambo queried Chiyanzo without seeking permission from command. He then decided to transfer Malambo for chastising Chiyanzo.

In his exculpatory letter, Chiyanzo who is assistant investigations officer stated that he got the gun for protection after knocking off from work late. He said the crime rate in his residential area was high and he wanted to secure himself.

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) president Reuben Lifuka on Wednesday called on President Mwanawasa to suspend Chitoba and Koyi to pave way for investigations on abuse of office allegations.

“We fear that the patriotic DEC officers that have given us this information will be exposed as long as Mr Chitoba and Mr Koyi still remain in the office. This is why the President should suspend the two commissioners to pave way for investigations,” he said.

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