Wednesday, July 11, 2007

(HERALD) Shame on you Morgan

Shame on you Morgan

EDITOR — Morgan, why are you so power hungry? If your policies are relevant, your time will come. For now, why can’t you call for the removal of the illegal sanctions that you campaigned for when you foolishly thought you were fixing the Government?

You see, you only made yourself an enemy of the people.

How can you expect the same people whose lives you ruined by abetting sanctions to vote for you?

You are like a stupid father who goes to a witchdoctor to ask him to curse his family.

Shame on you (Makatinyadzisa Dziva). I think it’s high time you shout (Ndachinja mafungiro akatsveyama).

We have suffered enough because of your unbridled lust for power.

However, we are not going to give in to your Western masters.

How many British pounds were you given when you promised to return land to white commercial farmers?

Land that was won by copious amounts of blood, and you want to return that to your Western bosses?

Dziva very sorry, you in Zimbabwe House, over our dead bodies.

Rosie Chaitwa Chapeyama.


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