Thursday, August 30, 2007

(HERALD) ‘Mechanisation second phase programme to be more strict’

‘Mechanisation second phase programme to be more strict’
Herald Reporter

GOVERNMENT will apply stringent measures in vetting beneficiaries of the second phase of the agricultural mechanisation programme to ensure that only productive farmers benefited, a senior official has said. Secretary for Agricultural Engineering and Mechanisation Dr Shadreck Mlambo said the second phase of allocations, to be launched next month, would be more thorough.

Dr Mlambo said this on Tuesday while giving oral evidence before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Lands and Agriculture, held at the Parliament stand at the ongoing Harare Agricultural Show.

Manicaland chief George Chimombe chaired the committee.

Dr Mlambo was responding to questions from some legislators who wanted to know what criteria the State was using to distribute the farm implements under the mechanisation programme.

"The selection is done by our ministry in conjunction with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the first phase has been complete. Members of Parliament, traditional leaders and Government officials were among the people who benefited," said Dr Mlambo.

"So the first phase is complete and the second phase is coming soon and we are going to be more strict. You should be known to be producing from information gathered from either extension officers or records from the Grain Marketing Board and one should have an offer letter."

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