Monday, September 24, 2007

Accept critism, Mpezeni urges traditional leaders

Accept critism, Mpezeni urges traditional leaders
By Christopher Miti in Chipata
Monday September 24, 2007 [04:00]

PARAMOUNT chief of the Ngoni in Eastern Province, Mpezeni has urged traditional leaders to accept criticism from people. And Eastern Province minister Lameck Mangani has challenged chiefs to regularly consult their indunas when they are faced with problems. Installing chief Kapatamoyo the VII at Tondweni village last Saturday, Mpezeni said traditional leaders should respect the people.

"Traditional leaders should accept criticism from their people, they are supposed to work with all the people even those that are against them because they are servants of all the people," Mpezeni said. He urged traditional leaders to work with the government of the day to foster development.

"I work with government but if there is something you may try to run away but you still come back since it's the government of the day," he said. "These soldiers and police officers that you see here worked with KK but they joined Chiluba when he formed government and now they are working with Mwanawasa because he is the current President so you should do the same," Mpezeni said.

He urged the new Kapatamoyo, Aaron Jere to be strong in his leadership. "As you take your responsibility I expect you to be strong like a cooking stick because you will face a lot of challenges, I expect you to work with Chewa chiefs and others,"Mpezeni said. And Mangani advised Jere to consult indunas when faced with problems if he was to lead his chiefdom effectively.

He said leaders should bring harmony in their areas. "As leaders at whatever level, it is our responsibility to work extremely hard to fulfill human happiness, and if we fail at whatever level, people will call us bad leaders,"Mangani said.

He said traditional leaders should be able to promote unity among their subjects and other ethnic groupings that were found in their chiefdoms. Jere has taken over from his late brother Peter Mauto who died in 2003.

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