Saturday, September 01, 2007

(HERALD) Agric policies hailed

Agric policies hailed
Herald Reporter

VISITING Equatorial Guinea President Mr Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has hailed Zimbabwe’s agricultural policies, saying the country has the potential to regain its status as an agricultural powerhouse. President Mbasogo said Zimbabwe’s agriculture has the capacity not only to benefit its citizens, but the whole continent. He said this while officially opening the Harare Agricultural Show yesterday.

Mr Mbasogo — who earlier in the day toured several stands together with President Mugabe — said he was impressed by the quality of products being showcased. He said from observing the quality of the agricultural produce and technology, one would get the impression that one was in a developed nation. This, he said, clearly showed that Zimbabwe had the potential to become Africa’s agro-industrial base.

"We, therefore, express and (wish to) convey our most sincere congratulations to the Government of Zimbabwe, the captains of production and all the technicians and operators committed to this production system. The outstanding great labour displayed is not only for the development of Zimbabwe, but for the benefit of the African continent as a whole," he said. "The success of Zimbabwe in this domain constitutes a reason of pride for her people and for all Africans."

President Mbasogo said his country had much to learn from Zimbabwe and would ensure that necessary contacts would be made with relevant authorities before imparting experiences obtained from Zimbabwe to his country.

"Equatorial Guinea would love to learn from Zimbabwe. This State visit to your country has given us the opportunity to establish the right and necessary contacts with the competent and relevant authorities in order to ensure that the experiences garnered here are transmitted to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea," he said.

He encouraged people in the agricultural sector to double their efforts to attain self-sufficiency in food supply. Developed nations, said Mr Mbasogo, were exercising dominance over Africans due to their production and supply capacity for agro-allied products.

"In fact, Europe is becoming more and more stronger as it keeps advancing in the development production techniques and industrialisation levels in the agro-allied sector while the African continent remains still . . . because of her constant need for the supply of consumable products," he said.

"For this reason, therefore, Africa should not remain indifferent in the face of this situation. Instead, it will have to be proactive in order not to depend indefinitely on other nations."

Earlier in the day, Mr Mbasogo toured several stands in the Exhibition Park, among them those of the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe, Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited, Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Grain Marketing Board, Cold Storage Company, Seed Co and the livestock section.

He later he presented certificates to companies and institutions that won in several categories.

Premier Medical Aid Society, represented by chief executive officer Mr Cuthbert Dube, won in three categories, namely the best floral garden display, best floral display and for companies offering voluntary services.

ZDF, represented by its commander, General Constantine Chiwenga, scooped the award for the best display by Government, municipal and statutory bodies.

GMB came first in the agricultural section.

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