Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Transparent wealth creation key in poverty fight -CEE

Transparent wealth creation key in poverty fight -CEE
By Joan Chirwa
Tuesday September 04, 2007 [04:00]

Sikazwe, in an interview, said the essence of the CEE Act was to promote transparency in wealth-creation in all economic sectors. "We need to educate and inform the society about how to get money and use it. Empowerment is about creation of wealth. If we don't create wealth, we will not be able to deal with issues of hunger, disease and poverty," Sikazwe said.

“We cannot share poverty; we can only share wealth. The essence is to create wealth in a sustainable manner, not wealth that is dubiously created and that is when we can address issues of hunger, disease, and poverty."

Sikazwe said economic empowerment of citizens was a fundamental value reflected in various ideologies. "The CEE is based on a philosophy, which says we will target the people who are marginalised to ensure that these people can meaningfully participate in the development of the economy," Sikazwe said.

"Empowerment is of a fundamental value, reflected in various ideologies. An individual human being has a right to make choices about their future and status."
Sikazwe said the empowerment of citizens would not discriminate against people living with HIV/AIDS.

"The CEE Act says among the targeted people are women, people with disabilities, youths as well as people living with HIV/AIDS," Sikazwe said. "When you look at this group, it immediately captures the starting point of the CEE. It creates various strategies that address issues of economic empowerment."

Sikazwe further said the CEE Act clearly stipulates the need for the development of rural areas through the empowerment of rural SMEs.

“It is not a matter of concentrating on those SMEs who are in town. Our focus will also be on those in rural areas because those are the people who really need help to develop," said Sikazwe. "The needs of the people in rural areas are too much. That is why we need to create a partnership with SMEs in rural areas as well as create an avenue for people to migrate into SMEs.”



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