Thursday, October 11, 2007

(HERALD) Farm Mechanisation: Maintenance workshops being set up

Farm Mechanisation: Maintenance workshops being set up
Business Reporter

The Minister of State for the department, Dr Joseph Made, said the centres would be located throughout the country and would offer specialised service to the farmers that received machinery under the mechanisation programme. He said competent engineers would man the training and maintenance workshops. In addition to the training centres, he said, his department would continue offering expert advice on the importation of tractors.

Dr Made said the main focus was on finding the right make of tractors that are suitable for the Zimbabwean environment and the types of soil.

Most of the farmers, especially A2 farmers, who received implements have had to undergo training since most of the equipment needs expert handling.

Dr Made said the mechanisation programme had opened new horizons especially in the steel sector where there was need to reinvigorate production to meet escalating demand.

The mechanisation seeks to empower indigenous farmers who were allocated land through the provision of specialised machinery such as combine harvesters, tractors and hay balers, among others.

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