Thursday, October 04, 2007

LETTERS - Ministers, Federalism, The Constitution

Mulongoti's caliber
By F. Mukwala
Thursday October 04, 2007 [04:00]

I want to comment on the calibre of some of our ministers. For heaven's sake, doesn't President Mwanawasa get embarrassed by the low calibre and petty cadre mentality exhibited by ministers like Mike Mulongoti?

The man is a disgrace each time he opens his mouth and it seems the appointing authority takes no notice.

Why allow important national policy statements to be coming from a man who does not seem to have analytical skills.

Mr President (or is it Dr now), please save the dignity of this nation and give us a sober-minded person to speak to us who, despite being partisan, can generate challenging brain-storming analysis.

More light on federalism
By Kaliza,Unza student
Thursday October 04, 2007 [04:00]

I refer to the article in The Post of September 29 on the subject of federalism which David wrote.

I want to make some clarifications on what the federal type of government is and what a unitary state of government is.

A unitary government is a system of government where a nation is governened as a single entity. In a unitary state, there is one cabinet, one military command, one judiciary, one legislature, one currency, and one central administration.

In a unitary state, sovereignty is not shared among individual provinces or states. Furthermore, there is one constitution.

A federal system, however, is a form of govermenment where different states come together - like in the USA and Nigeria.

In a federal state of government, sovereignty is shared. Individual states have powers to make laws that govern them. For example in the USA, some states have got laws that allow gay marriages whereas others do not.

In Nigeria, the state of Kano has got sharia law that carries a death penalty on an individual caught in adultery, whereas other states do not have such a law.

The disadvantage of a federal system of government is that it is more expensive to run than a unitary one.

Furthermore, in a federal system, there are more chances of individual states seceding from the federal system because of their sovereignty.

This happened in the US where some states seceded from the federal system. In a unitary system, secession is unlikely because the country is being governed as a single unity and also because of having one military command.

I thought of sharing my little knowledge on this issue to supplement David's article.

KK, Chiluba and the Constitution
By Chomba Lukonde
Thursday October 04, 2007 [04:00]

The Oasis Forum comprises men and women who are intelligent. They say in the abundance of water, only a fool is thirsty.

The Oasis Forum knows too well that the former presidents' advice will not be biased because they are not in government anymore, and therefore will be in a position to exercise impartiality in their approach to issues regarding the Constitution.

Kaunda and Chiluba have been in power before and they know that power intoxicates people more than alcohol, and is more adictive than drugs. Notwithstanding, the current court cases between Chiluba and the government, the Oasis Forum would have sieved Chiluba's advice to suit their requirement.

Fellow Zambians please understand that it is actually very difficult to trust people in government.

George Kunda and his boss should therefore re-consider their stance regarding the NCC road map because going ahead will not only be costly but retrogressive. We do not want another party that forms government to start re-visiting the constitution.

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