Friday, October 05, 2007

(TIMES) Magande chides contractors

Magande chides contractors
By Times Reporter

FINANCE and National Planning Minister, Ng’andu Magande has warned local and foreign contractors against using Government projects to experiment their capacity to perform. Mr Magande said the Government was concerned that most road contractors in Zambia were using Government’s projects to experiment their capacity to perform and ended up doing shoddy works.

Mr Magande was speaking in Kitwe yesterday after touring some roads in Parklands and Chimwemwe residential areas.

Mr Magande said the Government was using tax payers’ money to ensure that it developed the country, but was saddened that some contractors were being paid for the shoddy work they were doing on a number of roads.

Mr Magande, who was accompanied by Kitwe town clerk, Ali Simwinga said he was concerned that even contractors without capacity were being given contracts to rehabilitate roads.

He said the awarding of contracts to contractors who were doing pathetic works was a clear indication that there was a problem with the tendering system and it needed to be amended.

He said the Government was in the process of amending the tendering system so that there could be specific jobs for local contractors and others for foreign contractors.

He was, however, impressed with the quality of work being done at the European Union (EU) funded modern market project at Nakadoli.

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