Friday, November 30, 2007

LETTERS - Clive Chirwa

Why MMD after 2011?
By Kombe Ngolwe
Friday November 30, 2007 [03:00]

Prof Clive Chirwa’s intention to take over the MMD presidency is good since the race within the party is still very open. I hope other political parties will also start to identify potential presidential candidates. However, Zambians demand answers on some issues before MMD seeks another term. What does MMD want to achieve after 2011 which has not been achieved since its coming to power in 1991?

Despite the country’s highly publicised economic growth, the majority of Zambians are still waiting for the real impact of that growth on food affordability, transport costs, health care and education expenses. A mere economic growth rate is not a vaccine against poverty and unemployment.

As for the next president, it must be someone who will make the government responsive and accountable to the needs of Zambians first. We are tired of political slogans that deliver nothing.

We need a president and a party that will safeguard unity, promote equity and create opportunities for Zambians, not just for foreigners.

Zambians are hard-working and determined people; but have been let down by unresponsive administrations. Even as we speak, Zambians are establishing homes and businesses; but where is the government to provide public services in those emerging neighbourhoods?

While the government is quick in declaring some settlements as illegal, it is very slow and unresponsive in delivering facilities for public water supply, building police posts or maintaining roads.

I wait to hear why MMD deserves a another term after 2011. The hour has come; change is needed for Zambia.

Prof Chirwa's intentions
By Justin Lupele, South Africa
Friday November 30, 2007 [03:00]

The desire by Professor Clive Chirwa to ascend to the MMD presidency has generated a lot of interest. Some MMD cadres such as Lameck Mangani are jittery about his pronouncement.

Some citizens have welcomed Prof Chirwa’s intentions on the assumption that, because he has been successful in his career, he would be a better president for Zambia. The third group (where I belong) has adopted a ‘let us wait and see’ stance.

In my view, how much support Prof Chirwa garners will depend on how he handles the criticism and attacks from the MMD cadres. This is a big test for his political career. If he thinks he can respond to every ranting cadre, he risks taking a myopic and self-destructive path.

Statements such as “… I have reached a point where white people are working for me in my firms. I have controlled whites in most sectors of life…” (The Post, 26th November 2007) are very unnecessary for the job at hand.

Prof Chirwa should know better that there is nothing special about being white when it comes to professional work.

His immediate task is to convince his party – MMD members to vote for him. Then he should come for our votes.

Mangani's unfounded fear
By Bwembya Katongo, Kitwe
Friday November 30, 2007 [03:00]

The statement made by Lameck Mangani in relation to Professor Clive Chirwa was made out the fear of the unknown. Perhaps Mangani is right to be afraid of Prof Chirwa because people like him would have no room in Prof Chirwa’s cabinet.

In my view, Prof Chirwa is sure bait for MMD’s survival after 2011. He should not be intimidated.

He is more credible and worthy than 90 per cent of the current leaders in the MMD and he can be ranked much higher than any of the opposition party presidents.

The opposition parties have nothing to offer.

The same opposition parties have failed to unseat the MMD even at its weakest point during the last two general elections.

By the way, why don’t we have a situation where if a party president leads his or her party to defeat in a general election, he or she should resign? Presently, it is like these political parties are personal-to-holder entities.

No wonder some political parties have never had party elections or conventions where their party leaders were elected.

MMD should not lose the opportunity to embrace a person like Prof Chirwa. Otherwise, sooner than later they will regret. Prof Chirwa is a sellable asset to the people of Zambia. He has a clean record - an international one for that matter.

He stands out amongst most of our politicians today. I am very sure his joining MMD has sent shivers in the opposition camps. A lot of them wish that they would have been the ones he joined. Political opportunists in the MMD, please don’t frustrate your saviour.



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