Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mpezeni backs Chirwa for MMD presidency

Mpezeni backs Chirwa for MMD presidency
By Patson Chilemba
Tuesday November 27, 2007 [03:00]

Paramount chief of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province Mpezeni yesterday declared his support for Professor Clive Chirwa on his intention to run for the MMD presidency. In an interview, Mpezeni said he believed that the MMD should continue being in power. He said although he would have no problem supporting any candidate the party would adopt, he would in the meantime support Britain's Bolton University Professor of Crashworthiness Prof Chirwa.

Mpezeni said he would only support people who declared their intentions openly, the way Prof Chirwa had done.

“If he stands on the MMD ticket, we shall support him because we don’t want to change government. We want the MMD government to continue. If he shows himself to me, I will support him because we want the government to continue,” Mpezeni said. “He has done well to declare his intentions openly.

The one who is open is good. How can we support that one who is not seen? God says ask and I will give you. So that person who is not coming out is a coloured.”

Mpezeni said it was unfortunate that some people have not come out to declare their intentions even when they had ambitions of contesting the presidency. He said only their ‘wives’ would vote for such people.

“So that person who is a coloured, we shall not support him. Prof Chirwa, since he has come out in the open, we shall openly declare our support,” Mpezeni said.

Asked if he had met Prof Chirwa before, Mpezeni said he has never met Prof Chirwa but he would be glad to meet him.
“He can come because he’s my nephew. I’ll receive him,” said Mpezeni

Last week, Prof Chirwa declared his intention to contest the MMD presidency and later the 2011 Republican presidential election. Prof Chirwa said Zambia needed to have a president like him.

Prof Chirwa who joined the MMD in September, 2007 is also chairman of Automotive and Aerospace Structures at University of Bolton.

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