Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Katumbi's case is a hammer against anti corruption fight, says Mususu

Katumbi's case is a hammer against anti corruption fight, says Mususu
By Ntalasha Mutale
Tuesday December 18, 2007 [03:00]

MOSES Katumbi's case is a hammer against the anti-corruption fight, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) executive director Bishop Paul Mususu has said. In an interview, Bishop Mususu said although the Church was behind the government’s efforts to fight corruption, it would not agree to injustices pointing to the closure of Democratic Republic of Congo Katanga Province governor Katumbi’s cases without an explanation to the people.

“Could it be that Katumbi has dealings with the current leadership in Zambia such that his prosecution could unearth a lot of their illegal deeds?” Bishop Mususu asked.

He said Zambians deserved an explanation on the decision by the government to close Katumbi’s cases.

“We don’t want to imprison or loosen Katumbi, but justice must prevail. Previously, it was government’s position to bring Katumbi to justice, but what has changed now?” he asked.

“And now government should close the case, it raises more dust.”
Chief government spokesperson Mike Mulongoti recently announced that the government had dropped all criminal charges against Katumbi after reaching a settlement.

Mulongoti has since declared that Katumbi has not stolen anything from the Zambian people and was free to visit and go back to the DRC.

And Bishop Mususu said Zambia was facing a very sad situation where top leaders entrusted in curbing corruption were with the forefront breaking the law.

“If the law enforcers are the ones being corrupt, then how are we going to survive?” he asked. “These leaders should be setting a good example to others.”

He also said the allowances being paid to those sitting on the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) should be proportionate to the wages an average Zambian receives.

“The hefty allowances are an indication to us that the Cabinet has been getting the same amount of money for their monthly wages,” Bishop Mususu said.

Bishop Mususu further added that the NCC was bound to fail looking at the composition of the Act.

Bishop Mususu also said Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata was right to exercise discipline on his councillors who had gone against party directives not to participate in the NCC.

“Sata is not wrong to exercise discipline if he is playing the rules of the party. But other solutions should be found to deal with that situation rather than expulsion. It would be a waste of resources. As people of Zambia, we will lose to have 25 by-elections,” said Bishop Mususu.

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