Friday, December 07, 2007

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Mismanaging resources
By Mwewa Chinama.
Friday December 07, 2007 [03:00]

What can safeguard public resources from abuse and misuse is a system that somehow should be reflected in our Republican Constitution. This should be our cry as countrymen. There has always been wastage of public funds since the time of UNIP till now when we have smart fellows without morals running a more bureaucratic system.

The continued hefty funding of the intelligence service in the disguise of security under the Office of the President, the unrealistic funding of the military instead of the essential social sectors like education and health tells a lot. Does the country care to reduce the excessive expenditure on State House, the Executive and the bureaucracy within the system?

The recent disclosures by Chiluba are welcome and I invite everyone to be concerned about how public funds are abused, misused and stolen by those entrusted to safeguard them. Look at the education sector where most of the funds are coming from the stakeholders; parents and guardians.

The fellows running the institutions are now big headed and smarter in mismanaging the well-intended resources. The government has never cared to put systems in place to safeguard the public funds in schools and poor stakeholders are left to wish otherwise.

Look at the priorities of most school headteachers now: to buy personal-to-holder vehicles using public resources at the expense of promoting academic activities. Let's realise that our own resources are in the dubious hands of the people entrusted to run the learning institutions.

Leave Prof Chirwa alone
By Mlongoti
Friday December 07, 2007 [03:00]

Of late The Post has been carrying interesting views from people who are supporting Professor Clive Chirwa’s bid to contest the MMD, and later the Republican presidency.

I would love Prof Chirwa’s offer to serve as MMD president (if the party wants him) as well as Republican because time has come for him to give back to Zambia what Zambia invested in him.

Clive Chirwa’s contribution to the world of science is enormous. It is this kind of people Zambia should take pride in and it's high time Zambia benefited.

MMD cadres are afraid of their own shadow. The assertion that they need somebody who is experienced is one way of saying Mwanawasa should go for a third term. There is nobody who right now is at college learning how to be a president.

Indeed, none of our presidents attended any college to that effect. Can MMD or anyone tell the Zambian people about the experience one needs in order to be a president of the country? If the Democrats win the US elections next year, Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama (depending on the convention) will go to the White House and yet none of them has any experience it takes to govern. Solomon had no experience as King and yet he was the best of them all. MMD cadres once said “it's God who gives the president!” Does it only apply to Mwanawasa?

MMD cadres are afraid of vibrant people like Prof Chirwa because they know he won’t tolerate their laziness and craftiness once in office. They reap where they didn’t sow.

No midterm gratuity! Those MMD cadres who are against Prof Chirwa shame themselves by commenting on an individual whose record is as straight as a beam of light!



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