Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mulongoti says he wants to succeed Levy

Mulongoti says he wants to succeed Levy
By Patson Phiri
Thursday December 27, 2007 [03:01]

INFORMATION and broadcasting services minister Mike Mulongoti has said he is interested in succeeding President Mwanawasa ahead of the 2011 Presidential polls. Mulongoti, who is also chief government spokesman, has also warned former president Frederick Chiluba that he risks breaching the oath of secrecy that requires him not to reveal state secrets.

In an interview, Mulongoti said he had ambitions to succeed President Mwanawasa but he would weigh his options depending on the credibility of those who would announce similar intentions.

Mulongoti said he qualifies to lead the MMD as president but he could not declare yet.
He said at some point, he would assess other candidates and make a declaration thereafter.

He said he has ambitions to succeed President Mwanawasa because he had served the party for a very long time.

Mulongoti also welcomed Professor Clive Chirwa’s intention to succeed President Mwanawasa as party president and subsequently Republican president.

He said even as Prof Chirwa aspired for the post of party president, he should bear in mind that he was subject to the same rules as the rest of the members of the party.

Mulongoti explained that for one to become the party president he must have been a member of the party for three years or more.

He added that the MMD had a lot of competent people who qualified to become party president.

Mulongoti wondered why Prof Chirwa should make a serious declaration such as becoming leader of the ruling party when his village was unknown to most members.
He said leaders should be known by Zambians but for now, Prof Chirwa’s chief remained unknown.

And Mulongoti said Chiluba was required by law to keep quiet for 20 years before he could start commenting on sensitive matters that he committed while in office.

Mulongoti was commenting on a statement by Chiluba that he gave a motor vehicle each to the sons of Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Kaweche and Panji.

He said at the rate Chiluba was going, he could be arrested for breaching the Oath of secrecy.

He challenged Chiluba to report corrupt practices that he knew about in the ruling MMD or keep quite.

Mulongoti said Chiluba had an opportunity to deal with corruption while he was in power but he never did that.

He said each person had the freedom of expression but at the rate the former president was moving, he was likely to cross his boundaries.

Mulongoti advised Chiluba to be careful in the way he conducted himself as a former leader.

He also added that Chiluba had over-dramatised businessman Rajan Mahtani’s matter.

Mulongoti said Chiluba sounded very bitter with Mahtani and this might be due to dealings that they conducted together.

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