Wednesday, February 06, 2008

'SMEs need help to deal with mines'

'SMEs need help to deal with mines'
By Bivan Saluseki in Solwezi
Wednesday February 06, 2008 [03:00]

COPPERBELT Small and Medium Enterprise Suppliers Development Programme working with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has said small and medium enterprises need to be helped to develop capacity in view of the opportunities presented by the mines. Programme manager Peter Mwanza said they were working with a number of companies that were unable to get contracts with the mines because of lack of capital.

"We come in as a programme to try and help them. In fact just the IFC, we were looking for investment opportunities of between US $2 million and $10 million," he said.

"That is like non-traditional for the IFC because generally there are limits. The basic minimum limit is about US$10 million for most of their investments."

Mwanza said at the moment, there was a drive, in terms of mining activities, which had opened up investment opportunities for the SMEs.

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