Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nevers calls for upright leaders

Nevers calls for upright leaders
By Noel Sichalwe
Tuesday April 08, 2008 [04:00]

THE future of Zambia and Africa is in the hands of morally upright leaders, Victory Ministries president pastor Nevers Mumba has said. Speaking at the graduation ceremony of 20 students from Victory University College on Sunday, pastor Mumba said the founding fathers of Africa were imprisoned and killed to sacrifice for the future of the continent. Pastor Mumba said the current challenge was to provide an educated and experienced leadership that had self-respect and ready to face the challenges ahead.

He said the crusades and conferences were good for Christians but that there was need to build capacity among leaders in order to be ready to take on the challenges.

"The Church of Jesus Christ should be ready to take the challenges. I am convinced that we need true leadership of integrity in Africa," he said. "The future of Zambia and Africa is in the hands of morally upright people who know their challenge."

Pastor Mumba said the university college would be introducing a school of political science, public policy and an online masters degree programme in partnership with Regent University of the United States of America in September this year.

Pastor Mumba said the new programmes for 50 students would train leaders from five African countries among them Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, Malawi and Zambia.

At the same function, education permanent secretary Lillian Kapulu said the government remained committed to creating an enabling environment for faith-based education institutions to flourish as a means of complementing government efforts in strengthening the education sector.

Kapulu said Victory Ministries had continued to provide moral, spiritual strength and guidance to the nation since 1980.

She said the need to train a moral leadership in the nation was an urgent one as the Bible says, "When the righteous rule, people rejoice..."

"It therefore, remains imperative for us as a nation to support institutions like Victory University College, whose aim is to raise righteous leadership for both the church and the nation. We are living during very challenging times when national and sometimes religious leaders try to separate their private lives from their public lives.

This is a fallacy. God has placed a standard on every public servant as the scripture says, "to whom much is given, much shall be required."

Kapulu further said leaders should not be lovers of money.

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