Friday, May 30, 2008

(HERALD) West responsible for food crisis

West responsible for food crisis

EDITOR — Economic and social developments in the world are vindicating Zanu-PF’s policies of self-reliance and economic empowerment. The Internet is full of stories on world food prices and the ever rising price of oil. Our Government’s policies are geared at empowering the generality of indigenous Zimbabweans be it through education or access to the factors of production so that they can sustain themselves anywhere, anytime.

While Western countries have blocked our lines of credit and balance of payments support with their illegal sanctions, we should bear in mind that it is the West’s racist policies that are responsible for decreased food production in the world.

The xenophobia manifesting itself in South Africa might soon find expression in Western countries where rightwing politicians, like Nicholas Sarkozy, are being elected for their exclusionist policies, and it is incumbent on us Zimbabweans to work for the development of our country.

Already, the National Party in the UK has got a seat on the London Council for the first time, a party that is against African immigrants.

The opposition was busy urging people to oppose the Government on land, yet they are busy publishing their ‘‘agricultural policies’’ on the Internet.

Both factions of the MDC must own up and admit that the Government was right to prioritise investment in agriculture to ensure food self-sufficiency.

Voters should understand Zanu-PF’s message for the run-off, it is about guaranteeing the future of our children, retaining skills within the country for socioeconomic development, capacitating industry and agriculture, in short addressing the bread and butter issues by ensuring that a solid economic base is laid out.

Brian Shava.

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