Friday, May 23, 2008

Shikapwasha, Sondashi ready for Prof Chirwa

Shikapwasha, Sondashi ready for Prof Chirwa
By Patson Chilemba and Lambwe Kachali
Friday May 23, 2008 [04:00]

MMD presidential aspirant Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha yesterday said he will meet Professor Clive Chirwa at the party's national convention. And Dr Ludwig Sondashi said his political experience will speak for itself at the MMD convention.

Commenting on Prof Chirwa's statement that he had gained enough ammunition to defeat all those who had declared their candidature to contest the MMD and later, the Republican presidency, Lt Gen Shikapwasha - who is also home affairs minister - said he would explain his vision for the nation at an opportune time.

Asked on his chances of scooping the MMD presidency, Lt Gen Shikapwasha responded: "Well, everybody going there at the convention, they are all thinking about chances. So we shall meet there."

And Sondashi said his intentions for the MMD and later Republican presidency would not be shaken by other presidential hopefuls.

Dr Sondashi said he was prepared for the MMD presidential race.
He said it was not the right time for him to say anything about Prof Chirwa because they were both fighting for the position under the same party.

Dr Sondashi said although Prof Chirwa was free to campaign and that only delegates at the convention would choose the best candidate to become the next president.

"All I can tell you is that I am in the race. So is Prof Chirwa. I am a formidable and experienced politician. I have made myself clear even before, so there is no need for me to say much but time will come," said Dr Sondashi.

On Thursday, Prof Chirwa said although some top government ministers and other high profile politicians had announced their intentions, he was ready to challenge them. Prof Chirwa said he was already on course in his strategic plan and was getting closer to the state of readiness and fitness needed for the 2011 general elections.

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