Saturday, October 25, 2008

KK urges reading for transformation

KK urges reading for transformation
Written by Kelvin Tembo
Saturday, October 25, 2008 10:18:43 PM

FIRST Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda has said Zambia is still facing challenges of underdevelopment, unemployment and illiteracy.

And Dr Kaunda has urged children to learn to read and write for the purpose of changing, transforming and adding value to life instead of merely being integrated into today’s societal pressures.

During the launch of a book titled Light Beyond Color – Foundations of the Law of Creativity by Wenga Wakula Wachepa (Dr Sichalwe Kasanda), Dr Kaunda said man’s development endeavours could not be meaningful if not guided by God’s hand.

“Many challenges highlighted in the book are not alien to us as the country still faces challenges of illiteracy, hunger, poverty, underdevelopment, disease and unemployment,” Dr Kaunda said.

He said the woes of Africa would not only be erased through knowledge acquisitions and obtaining acclaimed qualifications by our citizens but rather through their understanding, interpretation and application of knowledge and skills learned to meeting survival and development needs and aspirations of the ordinary people.

And Dr Kaunda said children should learn the culture of reading for leisure.

“Wakula Wenga Wachepa has put forth a call-out to all of us to ensure that when they learn how to read and write, they should do it for the purpose of transforming and adding value to life,” he said.

Dr Kaunda said the advantage of doing that would be that children would no longer learn in order to simply memorise and reproduce facts for the sake of passing examinations and seeking nothing but formal employment later in life.

And during the launch of the UNIP digitalised archive system at the party offices on Thursday, Dr Kaunda said the country would be doomed if it did not preserve its heritage, adding that Zambia’s history was very important.

UNIP received 26,000 pounds (about K178 million) from the British Library to digitalise its archives.

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