Friday, October 17, 2008

Satamania hits South

Satamania hits South
By Maluba Jere
Friday October 17, 2008 [04:00]

Michael Sata has broken regionalism and tribalism barriers that dominated the area, declared Patriotic Front (PF) Sout-hern Province coordinator Opper Ham-iyanze yesterday. Hamiyanze said the people of Southern Province were like the rest of the country embracing Sata. “The Satamania has also hit Southern Province,” Hamiyanze said.

“People have realised that tribal politics does not bring development.”
Hamiyanze said he was confident the people of Southern Province were going to redeem themselves on October 30 by voting for Sata. He said Sata was the only leader of action who would uplift their living standards and those of all Zambians.

“The PF here is selling very well. After having been to every part, we have managed to put party structures in all the districts of Southern Province,” Hamiyanze said. “It is clear that Sata is winning in Southern Province because he has broken the barriers of regionalism and tribalism and people have accepted to work with him.

People have realised that voting on tribal lines doesn't help in any way.”
Hamiyanze said once elected, Sata would return Southern Province into the food basket that it once was.

“The frequent outbreaks of animal diseases in the area would be a thing of the past. Sata's government would ensure that funds for vaccines reached the intended beneficiaries,” Hamiyanze said. “Time and again you hear of outbreaks in animal diseases, especially corridor disease. Some of these diseases are preventable. We are very near Botswana which has lots of livestock but has no cases of corridor disease.

The problem is that the MMD lacks political will in fighting animal diseases but the PF will make sure it is eradicated and all these bans of animal movements lifted. We will ensure vaccines go straight to farmers through the chiefs unlike the MMD who use party cadres.”

Hamiyanze said rehabilitating feeder roads would also be top on the agenda as they were an important factor in agriculture.
“The PF will ensure all feeder roads such as the Zimba-Livingstone road, Choma-Niko road are worked on so that farmers can have access to markets for their produce,” said Hamiyanze.

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