Friday, November 28, 2008

Sata warns MPs over pay rise

Sata warns MPs over pay rise
Written by Patson Chilemba
Friday, November 28, 2008 10:26:11 AM

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata yesterday said PF members of parliament who voted in favour of salary increments for ministers and constitutional office holders are making the standing of the party difficult.

Commenting on the PF parliamentarians who voted in favour of salary and allowance increments for constitutional office holders, Sata said the members of parliament had forgotten the reasons for which they were elected to Parliament.

He said some parliamentarians, especially those on the rebels' side, would be 'one-time' members of parliament.

"They have forgotten the conditions for which they were taken to Parliament and want to justify why they bring semantics of why they voted for the salaries. [Chishimba] Kambwili, if he is saying the salary is a joke, why doesn't he resign and become personnel manager? Let's not insult the people.

That's why I refused to stand as MP like Mr. [Ben] Mwila and Sakwiba [Sikota] of ULP because you get compromised," Sata said. "So my colleagues should not go the other way, they should behave like PF. It will be very difficult to defend my colleagues to their constituents. All those who voted for salaries are making the party standing difficult.

How are they going to defend their stand in the party? They might look clever now, but the time of reckoning will come. Some will be one-time MPs because today they have forgotten the people. The same people will also forget them tomorrow...Dr Scott has to justify to Lusaka-Central," Sata said.

Asked when this would be, Sata responded: "It could be earlier than 2011. So don't worry about 2011."
Asked if he was disappointed that members of parliament went against his position on the issue of salaries, Sata said he could only be disappointed if he was not a Christian. He said the members of parliament were depriving Zambians representation because they were interested in serving their pockets instead of people.

"It's good that we have passed Easter because if not, we would have remembered Judas Iscariot. Jesus was betrayed by a Jew," Sata said.

And asked when PF would hold its general conference which was cancelled in August, Sata said this would be addressed tomorrow during the central committee meeting.

Sata said Kasama Central member of parliament Saviour Chishimba was welcome to challenge him for the party presidency.

"I will offer him all the protection so that I can defeat him through the ballot," he said.
Asked if he would contest the Republican presidency in 2011, Sata said it was only up to God to predict the future.

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