Wednesday, December 10, 2008

(NYASATIMES) Police apologise to Uladi

Police apologise to Uladi
Emelyn Nyoni
09 December, 2008 01:51:00
Uladi: Any striking resembelance with Gwanda?

Malawi Police have made an unprecedented apology to President of Maravi People’s Party (MPP) Uladi Mussa and his party allies for detaining them without any reason.

Nkhotakota Police arrested the eloquent politician and his party members at Kaombe Roadblock in the district on Saturday night and subsequently detained them briefly at Nkhotakota Police Station.

Mussa was traveling to his home Salima from Mzuzu where he held his party’s rally earlier in the day.

Police says in a statement Mussa’s arrest was not deliberate as it was purely done on a mistaken identity as the law enforcers were looking for Gwanda Chakuamba, President of the New Republican Party (NRP).

The police further apologises to Mussa and his allies “for the inconvenience and embarrassment caused by their brief detention.”

But a source at Mzuzu Police said police along the Lakeshore road were wrongly tipped that Chakuamba and Mussa were traveling to Salima in the same vehicle.

“After Mussa arrived at the roadblock he was immediately told that he was under arrest. He was not even given a chance to talk as they quickly drove him to their police station,” said a source.

Meanwhile, Chakuamba who was arrested yesterday morning in Karonga spent a night in the hands of law enforcers at Mzuzu Police Station when he was driven last night awaiting interrogation today.

Police arrested Chakuamba for allegedly inciting violence when he allegedly told a political rally at Kanyenda in Nkhotakota to beat up the Lhomwes because they have become pompous since the launch of their Mulhako wa Alhomwe.

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