Friday, December 19, 2008

(TALKZIMBAWE) Sadc analyzing evidence: Salamao

Sadc analyzing evidence: Salamao
Floyd Nkomo
Thu, 18 Dec 2008 17:18:00 +0000

THE Southern African Development Community (Sadc) Secretary General Tomaz Salamao has confirmed that the regional grouping has received documents and videos from the Government of Zimbabwe with supposed confessions by MDC supporters that they were involved in banditry activities to topple President Mugabe.

Salamao said Sadc was analyzing the documents and videos submitted to them in a bid to establish their aunthenticity, but could not be drawn into discussing further details..

The Zimbabwean Government claims to have enough evidence to prove that neighbouring Botswana is supporting an opposition plot to overthrow President Mugabe.

"Botswana has availed its territory, material and logistical support to the MDC for the recruitment and military training of youths for the eventual destabilization of the country with a view of effecting illegal regime change," said Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa to the state-owned Herald newspaper.

"We now have evidence that while the opposition MDC were talking peace they have been preparing for war and insurgency, as well as soliciting the West to invade our country on the pretext of things like cholera," he added.

Observers say it is the first time that such openly hostile relations have emerged among any of the 15 Sadc members.

Botswana's President Ian Seretse Khama is one of the few African leaders to have publicly criticized President Mugabe and called for a re-run of the presidential election in Zimbabwe.

The opposition MDC claims that the confessions in the videos were made under duress and involved some missing people including Emmanuel Chinanzvavana - husband of MDC Councillor for Banket.

Meanwhile, a Sadc Task Force has been dispatched into Botswana to determine whether or not there were bases in that country were 'MDC bandits' were being trained.

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