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(TALKZIMBABWE) I am closer to Zanu PF than MDC: Prof Moyo

I am closer to Zanu PF than MDC: Prof Moyo
Our reporter
Wed, 22 Apr 2009 19:45:00 +0000
FORMER information minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo

FORMER information minister and independent legislator Professor Jonathan Moyo says he is more sympathetic to the values of the Zanu PF party than those of the Movement for Democratic Change.

Speaking recently at the Bulawayo Press Club where he is a regular, Prof Moyo said he agreed with Zanu PF on matters of principle such as self determination.

Moyo also denied claims that he unsuccessfully campaigned to be a Cabinet Minister on a Zanu PF ticket at the formation of the inclusive Government.

“I did not campaign for a position in Zanu PF. I am not even aware of rumours you are talking about that my name had been short-listed for a Cabinet position and was later removed,” he said.

Moyo split from Zanu PF in 2005 and stood as an independent candidate in the Tsholotsho North constituency.

Moyo said "on a number of issues" he was closer to Zanu PF.

“We might have differences over actions of certain people but not a fallout on principles and policies. You therefore must appreciate that on a number of issues I will be close to Zanu-PF,” said Prof Moyo.

He said that he respected Zanu PF because it had liberated Zimbabwe although some of its leaders had diverted “dramatically” from the path that they set on when they started the armed struggle for the country's independence.

Prof Moyo said he found it difficult to sympathise with what the MDC party says it stands for.

“However, I have serious difficulties associating myself with what the MDC says it stands for,” said Prof Moyo.

He said that the “rule of law and democratic change” that the MDC claimed was standing for was an agenda being pushed from outside by Britain and other Western powers such as the United States.

He said MDC leaders were "mere recipients or subjects".

They (MDC) are mere recipients or subjects. I hate that idea. I am amazed that people are prepared to subject themselves to such tyranny. When Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s car was involved in an accident and his wife died the British authorities issued a statement saying it was a genuine accident,” said Prof Moyo.

Prof Moyo criticised the United States for interfering in Zimbabwe's internal politics. He said “self-determination is one of the most important values” in Zimbabwe. Yet the MDC and Zanu PF had no such common values adding that the MDC party was courting external interference even on issues that were supposed to be national.

Prof Moyo cited the statement by the Speaker of the House of Assembly Lovemore Moyo — who is also the MDC-T chairman — that the constitution-making process would require “substantial financial and human resources” and there would therefore be need from “development agencies and foreign organisations”.

The Speaker, who is the chairman of Parliament’s Standing Rules and Orders Committee, said this when he announced members of the Parliamentary Select Committee that will steer the constitution-making process in line with the Global Political agreement signed by Zanu-PF and the two MDC formations.

“There is no reason a poor country like ours should indulge in constitution-making when it cannot afford it. Something sobering, decent … empowering is admitting your condition that I can’t afford it now because if you are not able to fund it yourself you will not be able to mown it,” said Prof Moyo.

He said there was pride in a people funding the making of their own constitution.

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