Friday, May 15, 2009

(TALKZIMBABWE) Political analysts got it wrong on Zuma

Political analysts got it wrong on Zuma
Albert Nhamoyebonde - Opinion
Thu, 14 May 2009 03:15:00 +0000

Dear Editor — The election of Jacob Zuma as President of South Africa was an eye opener for the world at large and Africa in particular.

Everybody knows that there are problems in every society throughout the world, but South Africa has shown us that there is hope for all races given a chance to choose a government they want. The academic middle class that played a prominent role in the media as political analysts got it wrong that anyone running for political office should either have a chain of certificates or should be ‘‘morally upright’’ as though they are running for a religious office.

It was left to an astute white journalist to remind South Africans that proper analysis of the South African political situation was not a preserve of university political analysts alone who appeared regularly on television and radio at the expense of the ordinary voter whose aspirations were denied the same voice in the media.

But the ANC knew who the voters were. Now after the election and the swearing in of Jacob Zuma, the same academic analysts joined by their business colleagues are back with another claim.

Will he deliver on his promises to the poor?

Of course, it depends on the same academics and captains of industry, who hold the financial purses and knowledge to increase the wealth of the country and through taxes Jacob Zuma can fulfil his promises to create jobs, build houses, provide water and education for the ordinary voter. Will this academic and business class provide him, reluctantly, with the means to achieve his election promises?

Only time will tell.

But the role of the civil service is very crucial in collecting revenue and to see that the money so collected is efficiently used for the programmes promised.

The role of the President is to see that peace and security are guaranteed in the country to allow people to play their role in improving the welfare of everybody.

Albert Nhamoyebonde

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