Friday, June 05, 2009

Lubinda warns Rupiah over MoH investigations

Lubinda warns Rupiah over MoH investigations
Written by George Chellah
Friday, June 05, 2009 11:13:38 PM

PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF) spokesperson Given Lubinda yesterday warned that President Rupiah Banda will face the wrath of Zambians if the investigations and prosecution over the K27 billion Ministry of Health scam is bungled. And Lubinda accused President Banda of interfering with the investigations, warning the investigative agencies involved to be careful and not mishandle the matter because they were answerable to taxpayers and not President Banda.

In an interview, Lubinda, who is also Kabwata member of parliament, said Zambians were waiting for the successful investigation and prosecutions over the K27 billion scam at the Ministry of Health.

"This is a matter of great concern for all Zambians and all Zambians are awaiting for successful prosecutions and handling of this matter. Bungling this matter shall be blamed on Rupiah Banda as President," Lubinda said.

"Rupiah Banda and all the people involved in these investigations will face the wrath of Zambians if they bungle these matters. The future generation will judge them harshly."

He accused President Banda of interfering with the on-going investigations in the K27 billion scam.

"The police and all those involved who have been receiving instructions from Rupiah Banda must be careful and not mishandle this matter. All of those involved in investigating and prosecuting this matter are on public trial," Lubinda said.

"If they don't handle this matter to the satisfaction of society they will be condemned collectively and individually. There is no room for any disgruntlement amongst the players. They are not answerable to Rupiah Banda but taxpayers."

Lubinda called for unity amongst the investigative agencies.

"All those involved must work together with one purpose to bring out the truth and for this to be our landmark case which shall be used to deter future corrupt incidents," he said.

He said Zambians did not want the matter to be investigated quietly.

"We are disappointed with the threat from Rupiah Banda and works and supply minister Mike Mulongoti urging the public to keep quiet on this matter," he said.

On local government minister Benny Tetamashimba's letter to his predecessor, Lubinda called for Tetamashimba's resignation.

"It's uncalled for, for a minister to be making accusations on colleagues in his own government of inappropriate. Irrespective of whether these people are still serving or are no longer ministers. What Tetamashimba is forgetting is that government like anybody or company operates on the basis of perpetual continuity," Lubinda said.

"What one minister does is taken over by the successor. If the new minister is convinced that his predecessor conducted himself in a corrupt manner it's the duty of that minister to institute forensic investigations. Tetamashimba is acting like a clown who survives on the gallery."

He challenged Tetamashimba to disclose the circumstances under which the hearses and boats were procured.

"The people are not interested whether or not Tetamashimba was consulted by Sylvia as deputy minister or not. Let him make a full disclosure on the circumstances under which this government went to procure the hearses and the speedboats. He must not run away from responsibility," Lubinda said.

"In the same way Rupiah mentioned that he had evidence against former finance minister Ng'andu Magande. What we are interested in is for Rupiah Banda to explain to Zambians who pocketed the US$ 2 million."

He advised Tetamashimba to separate personal hatred from national matters.

"Tetamashimba must own up and be honest with Zambians and remove personal hatred with others from the governance of this country. Tetamashimba has a personal agenda he must not use the public to advance that," said Lubinda.

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