Saturday, June 13, 2009

RDA calls for revised curriculum in training institutions

RDA calls for revised curriculum in training institutions
Written by Kabanda Chulu
Saturday, June 13, 2009 3:20:59 PM

THE Road Development Agency (RDA) has urged government to revise the curriculum in training institutions to address new challenges in the construction sector.
And Ministry of Works and Supply permanent secretary Lieutenant Colonel Biziwayo Nkunika has said the government has suspended the intended construction of the Mwami weighbridge in Eastern Province due to insufficient funds.

Making submissions to the Parliamentary Committee on Communications, Transport, Works and Supply on the awarding of contracts, the RDA stated that there were several measures that needed to be in place to improve performance of government contractors.

“Firstly, contractors must be helped to acquire equipment through tax incentives and loans and large international contractors must be obliged to sub-contract smaller works to local contractors,” it stated. “Second, contractors must be properly trained to attain internationally recognised standards hence the curriculum in training institutions must be revised to address new challenges in the industry especially that the training of artisans appears sub-standard.”

The further RDA stated that there was no contract abandoned or loss of government money on contracts awarded in 2008 under its jurisdiction.

And Lt Col Nkunika said the government through the RDA intended to relocate the present site of the weighbridge at Mwami to another location on the Great East Road within Chipata district.

He said that axle load surveys carried out on most major roads including the Great East Road revealed that it would be preferable to have a weighbridge at Katete-Chanida junction instead.

“The RDA has already identified the land and the valuation department has surveyed and valued the piece of land,” Lt Col Nkunika said. “However, the final decision on where to put up the weighbridge will be determined by the consultant who is undertaking the feasibility and design study for the Great East Road from Luangwa to Mwami border.”



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