Saturday, August 22, 2009

Levy was a leader who wanted to develop Zambia - Mwat Yanv

Levy was a leader who wanted to develop Zambia - Mwat Yanv
Written by Mulimbi Mulaliki in Solwezi
Saturday, August 22, 2009 5:31:12 AM

CONGOLESE emperor of the Lunda people Mwat Yanv Mushidi III has described late president Levy Mwanawasa as a great lawyer who wanted to develop Zambia.
And Mwat Yanv has urged traditional leaders to continue holding their annual traditional ceremonies as a way of uniting people.

Speaking to journalists in Solwezi on Thursday enroute to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mwat Yanv, who came along with 13 chiefs and 200 subjects, paid glowing tribute to president Mwanawasa whose first memorial was held on Wednesday, August 19.

Mwat Yanv, who was in the country to grace the recently held Lunda Lubanza ceremony of the Lunda people in Zambezi district, said his people in the DRC shared the same memories of president Mwanawasa with Zambians.

"President Mwanawasa was a great lawyer like I was a lawyer too. He was a leader who really wanted to develop Zambia. He will not only be missed by Zambians but the whole region as well," he said.

Mwat Yanv expressed happiness with his brief stay in the country and called upon Zambians to continue maintaining peace and unity.

"It's important for Zambians to learn how to solve their differences through dialogue as failing to do so may be disastrous for the country," he said.

Mwat Yanv said Congo was a country which had experienced war, displacing a lot of people and that it was prudent for Zambians to remain united in the face of any differences.

And Senior chief Ishindi who invited Mwat Yanv thanked the Zambian government for receiving the Congolese traditional leader.

Chief Ishindi said Mwat Yaav was the core dynasty of the Lunda speaking people and that Zambia's Lunda Lubanza ceremony was a copyright of the emperor.

Chief Ishindi said the recently held ceremony would remain the most colourful of all previously held as it attracted over 54 chiefs from Angola, DRC and Zambia.

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