Saturday, August 08, 2009

(LUSAKATIMES) Don’t bribe employees to get contracts , KCM tells suppliers

Don’t bribe employees to get contracts , KCM tells suppliers
Saturday, August 8, 2009, 12:42

KONKOLA Copper Mines (KCM) has assured its suppliers and contractors that no contract will be cancelled for refusing to give a bribe to any of the company’s employees.

KCM Group security manager, Ernest Mubita said suppliers and contractors should not indulge in any corrupt activities with KCM employees and assured them that no one would have his or her contract cancelled for refusing to bribe any employee of the company.

Mr Mubita was speaking yesterday at the KCM security award presentation parade held at the KCM mine club ground in Chingola.

The deserving security officers were given motorbikes, bicycles, fridges and other household goods as rewards for the good work in protecting the mining company’s property.

Mr Mubita said suppliers and contractors should help to curb corruption, thefts and other dubious activities at any division of KCM by ensuring that they reported the matter to the security agencies of the mining company.

“The evil storm called crime has invaded all business organisations with very big waves called theft, fraud, corruption, abuse, misuse, and wastage and this is why, I am urging contractors and suppliers to help us, fight these crimes, especially corruption, which is a very devastative scourge.

“I am assuring the suppliers and contractors that no one will have his or her contract cancelled for refusing to give a bribe to any of the KCM employees. We need concerted efforts to fight vices that are retrogressive to economic revival and national development,” Mr Mubita said.

He said his department would remain steadfast, strong, brave, focused and impartial in fighting crime to save the company from losing its valuable and critical property and time.

He said the good work that his team was doing, had attracted intimidation from the crime perpetrators.

“So far, four houses belonging to some of these officers were targeted and attacked between 2005 and 2009. One of the houses was blasted using petrol bombs, whereas the other was reduced to rubble by a criminal mob, majority of these officers have received both verbal and written threats due to the courageous efforts that they are putting into fighting crime,” Mr Mubita said.

And speaking later, KCM chief executive officer, Kishore Kumar said all KCM employees should ensure that every property and materials purchased by KCM was put to the intended use and should ensure that no KCM property was stolen, abused, misused, vandalised or wasted.

Mr Kumar said he was happy that security officers had always been alert and vigilant in ensuring that property of KCM was well secured and protected.

Mr Kumar said because of their alertness and vigilance, some security officers were being physically attacked or threatened by criminals.

He assured those security officers that were being threatened that the company would support and protect them, saying he had directed the Group Security manager to ensure that protection was given to all deserving officers.

“To you officers, I say congratulations and continue working even harder than before like the Group Security manager had said. The tokens you have received cannot be compared to the value of property that you continue protecting in these difficult conditions, but these are just tokens of appreciation and recognition for your exemplary performance in executing your duties,” he said.-Times of Zambia

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