Saturday, August 29, 2009

(LUSAKATIMES)Chinese company refuses to pay for injured employee in Sinazongwe

Chinese company refuses to pay for injured employee in Sinazongwe
Saturday, August 29, 2009, 8:33

The Chinese Coal Mine management in Sinazongwe district has refused to provide a K10 million required for an operation of their employer injured in a mine accident and compensation for a miner whose arm has been amputated.

Dallas Bbulukwa, brother to the paralysed miner who was admitted to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and later referred to the Italian Orthopedics Hospital,has been told to pay K10 million for the operation.

He named his brother as Shadrick Shandima of Vwavwa village in Chief Sinazongwe area who recently sustained a deep cut on his right foot, a dislocated ankle, and general body pains at the Chinese Coal mine at shaft one.

Mr. Bbulikwa said the Chinese management has told him that they would rather treat him themselves rather than take him to the Zambian hospitals because they allegedly have no proper medication.

He said the Chinese Directors want his brother who is supposed to undergo three operations on his right foot to be treated at their mine where there were no facilities.

Mr. Bbulukwa noted that the Chinese directors were trying to run away from paying the medical fees when his brother was paralysed as a result of the mine accident.

Sinzo Muzyamuna the other miner whose arm has been amputated after he was injured in a mine accident last month said the Chinese directors at shaft three have refused to compensate him.

Mr.Muzyamuna said doctors from Choma have declared him to be discharged on medical ground.

He said the Chinese Directors only offered to be pay him a K240, 000 for a period of one year six months which he has rejected.

Muzyamuna appealed to government to assist him to get his compensation that befits the nature of damage done to his body.


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