Friday, September 18, 2009

(NYASATIMES) Malawi, Brazil sign pact for technical cooperation

Malawi, Brazil sign pact for technical cooperation
By Nyasa Times
Published: September 18, 2009

Malawi and Brazil have signed a Framework Agreement for Technical Cooperation, an instrument that will cover future legal cooperation initiatives developed by the two governments.

According to the joint communiqué issued to the media, President Mutharika stated its commitment to promote the modernization and diversification of Malawian agriculture, for which “I would count on the support of the Brazilian technical cooperation”

Wa Mutharika stressed, in particular, Malawi’s interest in developing partnerships in the area of agriculture, energy, mining, trade, technology transfer, especially in the field of renewable energy, and sports.

“These areas of agreement will make Malawi to be freed from its poverty trap to reach the land of prosperity,” he said.

The Heads of State stressed the importance of the Brazil-Malawi within the framework of South-South cooperation, and stressed his hope that bilateral relations acquire from now a new impetus, particularly in areas that are of interest to Malawi in which Brazil holds that experience can be shared with Malawian institutions.

The joint communiqué said Brazilian President congratulated Wa Mutharika for “advances in consolidating democracy in Malawi” and “the significant success” of his government in agriculture and promote food security, as well as the initiatives to combat poverty and corruption made by his government.

The two Presidents discussed the situation in Southern Africa and welcomed the role of SADC and African Union (AU) in promoting democracy and inclusive development in Africa.

The Communiqué said President Lula thanked, on behalf of the Brazilian Government, the support provided by the Malawian authorities during searches by the Brazilian tourist Gabriel Buchmann, who died in Mulanje Mountain after disappearing.

Wa Mutharika has since left Brazil for Miami in the United States of America (USA) to receive an award for achieving development and food security before proceeding to New York City to attend the 2009 session of the UN General Assembly.

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