Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chitimukulu’s attacks on me had govt blessings, says Guy

Chitimukulu’s attacks on me had govt blessings, says Guy
By Ernest Chanda
Sat 24 Oct. 2009, 04:01 CAT

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) vice-president Guy Scott has said the attacks on his race by paramount chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people had the blessings of the government.

Reacting to the traditional leader's attacks on his race, Scott said it was clear to everyone that what Chitimukulu said pleased those in authority.

“First of all, let me state that I'm very comfortable in the PF because there is no racism or tribalism. It was sad that a traditional leader could issue such unwarranted remarks against an innocent citizen and in the face of a head of state. Now if the Republican President and indeed the MMD leadership were not in support of that they would have refuted the statement by now,” Scott said.

“The fact that they have been quiet means that what the paramount chief said about me had the blessings of government officials. We should all remember that Rupiah Banda came into the MMD through the wall. But I have been in the PF through and through, so I'm very comfortable. In this case it's enough proof that in fact the MMD is a party for racists. I'm comfortable with Michael Sata who has proved to everyone that he is not a racist.”

Recently, Chitimukulu made racist remarks against Scott when President Rupiah Banda paid a courtesy call on him at his palace prior to the Kasama Central parliamentary by-election.

Chitimukulu wondered who would replace Patriotic Front president Sata if he died since his deputy was a white man.

"I can't follow things blindly. Someone has forgotten where he is coming from. He is only concerned with the present. Even the educated ones are allowing themselves to be blinded; they are following someone Sata blindly without questioning his decisions or actions. He has picked a white man as his vice-president. Rupiah Banda was late Mwanawasa's vice-president and now he has succeeded him. Will Guy Scott succeed Sata as a party or Republican president if he died tomorrow?" Chitimukulu asked.

Chitimukulu said Zambians fought for independence and having a white man in Scott as Republican president would mean the independence struggle was in vain.

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