Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sata wonders why Chiluba can’t be jailed for billions

Sata wonders why Chiluba can’t be jailed for billions
Written by Patson Chilemba in Kasama
Saturday, October 03, 2009 5:44:43 PM

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) president Michael Sata yesterday said Zambians must apologise to prisoners should former president Frederick Chiluba not go to jail. Featuring on Kasama's Radio Mano on Thursday, Sata wondered why Chiluba could not be sent to jail for stealing billions of Kwacha when other people served jail sentences for engaging in petty crimes such as stealing of chickens.

"What I am saying is let's treat all the people the same. There should be no super prisoners," he said.

Sata said PF would be part of the civil society organisations that had vowed to push for the appeal against Chiluba's acquittal through honking and whistling. He asked Chiluba to stop being stubborn but instead repent before the Zambian people for stealing their money.

On Chiluba's statement that he had a damaging dossier against his alleged thieving and corrupt activities, Sata challenged Chiluba to disclose whatever he knew about him and not resort to threats.

He said he had a lot of temptations to steal when he served as local government minister but he was not as greedy as Chiluba who bought himself 300 pairs of shoes and begged President Rupiah Banda's government not to appeal against his acquittal.

Sata said he was cleared by the courts and had no quarrels with the state's position to appeal against his acquittal.

"He is insulting that those who criticise him, they are pocking God's eye. Then you can tell that the person is confused," Sata said. "God did not help Chiluba to steal."

On Chiluba's argument that he contributed towards funding the PF campaigns in 2006 but Sata had failed to account for the money, Sata said PF was not involved in drugs and money laundering but had sympathisers, who supported the party's cause.

"Why doesn't he tell Rupiah Banda to arrest me if I have stolen anything?" he asked.

Sata said he confronted Chiluba over the US $20 million Katebe Katoto arms deal and the US $8.5 million in the Zamtrop account when it was revealed to him by the late Mwanawasa.

"That's when I said 'I can't continue supporting you'. So we stopped following him to the airport and going to court," Sata said. "How can you claim to be a Christian when you are stealing and grabbing other people's wives?"

Sata asked Vice-President George Kunda to pay back taxpayers' money since he had chosen to U-turn on the successful prosecution of Chiluba in the London High Court.

Sata also said the government had spent K400 million to organise several chiefs from Northern Province so that they could come up with a position to endorse the MMD candidate in the forthcoming parliamentary by-election.

He said the chiefs were lodging at MMD Kasama Central parliamentary candidate Burton Mugala's lodges.

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