Saturday, November 21, 2009

Filth at Kitwe taverns shocks local govt official

Filth at Kitwe taverns shocks local govt official
By Correspondent
Sat 21 Nov. 2009, 04:00 CAT

COPPERBELT provincial local government officer Solomon Sakala has expressed displeasure that council health inspectors are not reporting the truth to him regarding hygiene of drinking places.

Speaking after he inspected some bars, taverns and other drinking places in Chimwemwe, Kwacha and Bulangililo townships on Wednesday, Sakala expressed disgust at the sight of human excreta in toilets at operating taverns.

Sakala, who was leading some officers from Cabinet Office in Ndola and the Kitwe City Council was shocked at the filthy state of Islamabad City Pub in Kwacha township where some heaps of human excreta were found in the toilets.

"After that tour we carried in the townships, it shows that council health inspectors are not telling the truth in the reports they were sending to the provincial office regarding the hygiene of the drinking places. You saw how dirty that place called Islamabad City Pub in Kwacha which was very dirty.

The place is so dirty with heaps of human excreta in the toilet, but when these healthy inspectors send reports to us, they paint a picture that everything is alright," he complained.

"This war of filthy drinking places can only be fought effectively when council health inspectors are truthful in the reports of their operations. We are receiving good reports which are painting a picture that everything is alright. We are receiving reports that drinking places are clean, but when we go on the ground, we find something else. We are finding dirty drinking places with heaps of human excreta in toilets."

Sakala said the Provincial Liquor Licensing Board would carry out periodical inspections to improve the situation in most drinking places.

At Sanjika bottle store, the team was shocked to find that both men and women were using the same toilet and that whoever goes in first, just needed to close the door to avoid the opposite sex getting in.

Many bar owners at Bulangililo market closed their premises after realising the presence of the health inspectors in the area.

Kitwe City Council health inspector Paka Nkonde expressed shock that some of the closed down drinking places in Kwacha and Bulangililo townships had been illegally opened.

He said most of the bars in the two townships were closed because they were dirty and filthy.

"We shall close them again," he said.

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