Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mpombo accuses Banda of ignorance over MMD matters

Mpombo accuses Banda of ignorance over MMD matters
By George Chellah
Sat 14 Nov. 2009, 04:01 CAT

FORMER defence minister George Mpombo has said President Rupiah Banda's incoherence over the MMD national convention confirms his ignorance about the party's operations.

Reacting to President Banda's remarks that no one in the MMD has ruled out the holding of the national convention, Mpombo said the President must understand that the question of the convention was not for him to decide.

“This whole thing is unnecessary. What has happened to our party? I want to call on the national secretary Katele Kalumba who is the only elected official. Now Mr Banda is not elected, he is only acting. Mr Banda is not familiar with the operations of the MMD. How can an acting president set standards for the party he has found?” Mpombo asked.

“It amounts to hoodwinking the membership. If he is evasive…it is not the opposition that is calling for a convention, its MMD members, its not coming from Michael Sata or HH. If MMD continues to provide lackadaisical leadership the party is bound for a major collapse.”

Mpombo said President Banda was ignorant about the operations of the MMD.
“He is not aware of the functions. The whole thing has shaken the credibility of the NEC. People want clear-cut statements, not evasive statements.

These undemocratic statements have a tendency to strangle democracy,” he said.
Mpombo said President Banda would be held responsible if the MMD collapsed.
“What he said about the convention amounts to political gimmickry. The man is not coming out, he is evasive. He is incoherent, he must be coherent,” Mpombo said. “His statements about the convention is wrapped up in deep political ambiguity. You just come into a party and want to destroy the party with impunity. That's unacceptable.”

Mpombo said President Banda's statements about the MMD national convention were not inspiring.
Mpombo also criticised Vice-President George Kunda over his inconsistencies.
“George Kunda is a spineless politician. He just swings like a pendulum,” said Mpombo.

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