Saturday, December 19, 2009

UPND youth leader urges govt not to politicise NRC issuance

UPND youth leader urges govt not to politicise NRC issuance
By Zumani Katasefa in Kitwe
Sat 19 Dec. 2009, 04:00 CAT

UPND national youth chairman for mobilisation Chanda Mulenga has urged the government not to politicise the issuance of National Registration Cards (NRCs).

Mulenga complained yesterday that the national registration office in Ndola had run out of materials. He accused the government of deliberately failing to supply enough materials to allow more Zambians obtain NRCs in readiness for the 2011 general elections.

“They are just doing this deliberately; Zambians are being turned from the Ndola National Registration offices on grounds that the office has run short of the materials. But foreigners are being given their pink cards and some Zambians are also forced to get the pink cards instead of the green ones,” Mulenga complained.

He said home affairs minister Lameck Mangani should look into the situation and ensure that more materials were sent to all towns in Zambia to enable people who had attained the age of 16 obtain their NRCs.
Mulenga said the government should not deny Zambians the right to obtain their NRCs.

“We have been monitoring the issuance of National Registration Cards, it is very pathetic. Masses are being turned away especially in Ndola. People started complaining about this problem two weeks ago and they were forced to come and complain to us UPND,” he said.
He said the UPND would not tolerate any political gimmicks by the MMD to frustrate the issuance of NRCs.

“Mangani should do something and ensure that the situation is back to normal. 2011 is just around the corner, more Zambians should get their cards,” he said.
He said NRCs should not be issued selectively.

“We know they are scared of 2011, but that would not help them too. Whether they want or not they are going come 2011,” said Mulenga.

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