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(TALKZIMBABWE) Betty Makoni and God

Betty Makoni and God
Wed, 30 Dec 2009 05:08:00 +0000

DEAR EDITOR - As Zimbabwe begins to move forward many people who have sought refuge in foreign countries on false claims have been left in limbo.

Those people who, for many years, were riding on the bilateral dispute between Zimbabwe and Britain are left with no stories to tell. It has become uncool to criticise President Mugabe and many people are beginning to bite each other as they try to find new scapegoats.

One of those people is former Girl Child leader Betty Makoni who is being investigated on fraud charges. She has sought what she calls "refuge" in Britain.

Makoni has started speaking ill about the Zimbabwean government, yet not even once did we hear of her harassment when she was in Zimbabwe. All her stories are based on what must have happened before she left the country voluntarily.

She claims that she was harassed and brutalised by government; yet no one has cared to document her story before she left, even herself.

Oddily enough, her story started after the alleged investigation. It leaves a lot to be desired.

She has written stuff all over the internet chastising journalists who intend to report her story. She calls them "Full time website liers, chancers and cheaters" and "Disguised secret agents defaming public agents". Makoni should know that journalists will not stop their investigations because of her bashing of them. In fact she is attracting more attention and will be hounded by the press.

I hope that Makoni will find it in her heart to tell the truth, whatever it is, about her real role and her deeds with the funds at Girl Child Network, rather than go after journalists who are only doing their job.

Isn't this what "Freedom of Speech and Information" is?

At the end of the day, she should seek forgiveness from God if she robbed the weak and meek to enrich herself.

-Nyarai Chidemo, USA.

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