Friday, February 19, 2010

Islamic leader accuses leaders of not doing anything for the poor

Islamic leader accuses leaders of not doing anything for the poor
By Mwila Chansa in Kitwe
Fri 19 Feb. 2010, 03:40 CAT

Islamic Council of Zambia chief priest Sheikh Issa Bonomali has observed that leaders are not doing anything for the poor Zambians.

And president general of the Global Men's Deenil Haqqi Islamiya, Nasir Mumpansha Kashiba observed that religious conflicts happening in some parts of the world were as a result of bad leadership on the part of religious leaders.

In an interview after he officiated at an inter-faith leadership skills training workshop at Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation (MEF) in Kitwe on Wednesday, Bonomali said there was need for Zambians, in 2011, to usher into office a leader that was going to deliver development.

Bonomali said people were tired of listening to their leaders exchanging words and insulting each other at the expense of helping the poor. He advised leaders against pulling each other down.

“We are saying 'let's see a leader who is going to work for the people'. We need action and not just talking always,” Bonomali said.

“At the moment, our leaders are not there to deliver. They spend so much time talking. If President Rupiah Banda has not done well, it is our responsibility as clergy to advise him, but we should not insult him.”

Bonomali said a good leader was one that must expect to be led.

“He should take advice from the people. That is what leadership is, it is not all the time that people should listen to you, you should also listen to them,” he said.

Bonomali further said that fights amongst leaders in the country were not helping communities in any way.

“When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. As clergy, we are closer to the communities because we see how our people are suffering, how they are failing to send their children to school and how they are not having enough to eat,” said Bonomali. “A responsible leadership should take time to solve people's problems instead of exchanging words.”

Bonomali also advised President Banda against responding to every form of criticism but instead focus more on developing the country.

And Kashiba said there was a rise in religious conflicts globally because of a weakness in leadership.
Kashiba said the objective of the workshop was also meant to erase the notion that Islam was a religion that condoned violence.

“There is no religion that permits killings. In Christianity, they say love your neighbour and in Islam we say love and value mankind,” said Kashiba.

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