Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rupiah’s vice-presidency card is divisive, says Madyenkuku

Rupiah’s vice-presidency card is divisive, says Madyenkuku
By George Chellah
Thu 18 Feb. 2010, 12:01 CAT

SYACHEYE Madyenkuku yesterday said the vice-presidency card that President Rupiah Banda is playing is premature and has the potential to divide people.

Commenting on revelations that President Banda had promised to appoint a vice-president from Luapula Province if the people there delivered the area to the MMD in 2011, Madyenkuku - who is former sports minister - urged President Banda to promise development instead of positions.

"He should not promise the vice-presidency, he should promise development because development is universal, it benefits everybody," Madyenkuku said. "The vice-presidency goes to an individual and there is no guarantee that

even if whoever is elected vice-president gets into office, he can even last for a long time under his administration. It's the discretion of the President at the end of the day."

Madyenkuku said President Banda should be telling the people wherever he goes about development.

"And if you promise the vice-presidency to one province, what is there for other provinces? If I were him, I would not have even been discussing this because what effect does this have on the other provinces? The others will think there is nothing at stake," Madyenkuku said.

He said President Banda's vice-president card was dividing the people because it is coming prematurely.

"Other provinces are feeling left out. Next time he goes to another province what will be the basis of the relationship if one province has already been assured of that position?” he asked.

He also dismissed accusations that opposition parties were insulting President Banda.

"Another issue which is being misrepresented is the misconception that President Banda is being insulted by members of the opposition. I would be grateful to find someone who will give me the definition of an insult," Madyenkuku said.

"If I express my view that is different from the head of state's, that's not an insult. Different opinions and understanding, that's what constitutes multi-party politics, we are not going to think alike. I will be the first person to condemn any person who insults others. But I do not remember any Zambian that has insulted the President."

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