Friday, February 12, 2010

Zuma won’t attend Nc’wala ceremony, says Ngoni elder

Zuma won’t attend Nc’wala ceremony, says Ngoni elder
By Sututu Katundu
Fri 12 Feb. 2010, 04:00 CAT

A NGONI elder Lidoda Rabson Jere of Mfumbe in chief Nzamane’s kingdom has expressed delight that this year’s Nc’wala traditional ceremony will not be marred by politics. In an interview yesterday, Jere said reports that South African President Jacob Zuma would grace the occasion were not true as he had turned down invitations sent to him.

“Whatever was reported by chief Madzimawe in the press has no truth in it. Zuma can’t come. He is not scheduled to come to Zambia anytime this month,” he said.

Jere said even President Rupiah Banda would not attend the ceremony as he had other programmes to attend to and seeing that this was not an election year, he would only attend next year.

“I am happy that this year’s Nc’wala ceremony will be free of political interference. Last year’s was overshadowed by political interference. Zuma gave a long speech and the people were not happy. He just came to campaign for his foreign policy,” said Jere. “Even Banda knows very well because this is not an election year, he will come in 2011.”

The Nc’wala traditional ceremony organising committee recently said they had invited President Zuma and King Mswati III of Swaziland to grace this year’s ceremomny.

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