Thursday, March 11, 2010

‘Destroyed section of Serenje-Mpika road vindicates opposition’

‘Destroyed section of Serenje-Mpika road vindicates opposition’
By Mwila Chansa in Kitwe
Thu 11 Mar. 2010, 04:40 CAT

PATRIOTIC FRONT (PF) Northern Province chairman Frederick Chisanga has observed that the destroyed section of the road between Serenje and Mpika vindicates the opposition’s cry that the MMD is not serious about development.

In an interview from Kasama yesterday, Chisanga advised the MMD to stop maligning the opposition PF controlled councils of having failed to develop roads in their areas because Serenje council was not controlled by the opposition.

He wondered how a serious government could neglect a key road such as the Great North Road that linked Zambia to neighbouring Tanzania as well as to the country’s only port in Mpulungu.

Chisanga said Vice-President George Kunda should be ashamed that while he had been on rampage and going places to discredit the opposition, the dilapidated Serenje-Mpika stretch passed through his constituency.

Chisanga said if MMD was performing better than the opposition, they would not have neglected the portion of the Serenje-Mpika road to deteriorate to the levels that it had.

“And if we are to go by their standards of judging performance, then Vice-President George Kunda has failed and should resign for failing to take development to his constituency,” Chisanga said.

“Serenje is not a PF stronghold. It is an MMD stronghold. Why did they let the road dilapidate to desperate levels?”

And Chisanga said the Road Development Agency (RDA) in Northern Province was always under-funded.

He observed that there was nothing tangible that the RDA could do in terms of road repairs and maintenance because they were operating on a shoestring budget.

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