Friday, March 12, 2010

Sata regrets serving in Chiluba’s govt

Sata regrets serving in Chiluba’s govt
By Patson Chilemba
Fri 12 Mar. 2010, 04:20 CAT

IT is even known in heaven that Frederick Chiluba is a thief, Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata charged yesterday. And Sata said former PF secretary generals Edward Mumbi and Charles Chimumbwa are street adults who are being paid to scandalise him.

In an interview, Sata said former president Chiluba would always live with a very big load on his head because of the thief tag he acquired as a result of his thieving activities.

He said instead of pretending to be innocent, Chiluba should just own up by repenting before Zambians the sins he committed against them.

Sata said Chiluba should show more remorse than provoking Zambians through the noise he was making in the country.

"It is even known in heaven that Frederick Chiluba is a thief," Sata said.
And Sata said he was not sure about Chiluba's genuiness in his profession as a Christian.

"I am not sure about that. You must admit your offence first, that is when you can repent. So if the man has not repented, then it becomes very difficult," Sata said.

And featuring on Joy FM's platform programme yesterday, Sata said he was very ashamed to have served in Chiluba's government because it had nothing to show to the people in terms of development.

On asserions that PF-controlled councils had failed to perform, Sata said he understood local government better than Chiluba.

"I have challenged President Rupiah Banda, I don't challenge Frederick Chiluba. Frederick Chiluba just hallucinates and he has nothing, he doesn't know anything. He has to defend his shoes.

I have challenged President Banda and finance minister Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane to give us a list of how much has been released from local government to give our councils in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010," said Sata.

"Let him Chiluba tell Rupiah Banda, he is very close to Rupiah Banda, he should recover quickly. He should not go and hide in South Africa. Let him tell his brother to release the money because it is not Michael Sata or PF which promised money for drainages in Kanyama. It was Levy Mwanawasa."

Sata also said the government had deliberately chosen to abandon the mobile issuance of National Registration Cards (NRCs) in Northern Province.

He said when home affairs minister Lameck Mangani noticed that there was overwhelming response from people to collect NRCs in Chinsali, he abandoned the programme and as a result 17 centres in Chinsali that were supposed to be covered were not covered.

Sata said those attacking him like Mumbi and Chimumbwa were impoversihed adults who were being paid to scandalise him. He described the duo as crooks who did not have facts on most issues they were talking about.

Sata wondered why Southern Africa for Constructive Resolutions (SACCORD) had been deregistered, while Edwin Lifwekelo's Forum for Leadership Search, which he said was a puppet of the MMD had been allowed to continue.

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