Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Banda is behaving like a kaponya, says Sata

Banda is behaving like a kaponya, says Sata
By George Chellah
Wed 28 Apr. 2010, 04:40 CAT

RUPIAH is behaving like a kaponya thug, PF leader Michael Sata said yesterday. And UPND president Hakainde Hichilema said President Rupiah Banda is aware that Zambians want change that’s why he is panicking.

Reacting to President Banda’s statement that Hichilema is a son of a dog, Sata said President Banda’s conduct was not corresponding with the office he holds as Head of State.

“His language is that of a kaponya, not a President. He is behaving like a kaponya, a typical kaponya. He wants to ride on arrogance since he knows that as opposition leaders we can’t insult back if he insults us because Francis Kabonde Police Inspector General will arrest us,” Sata said.

“I must state that Rupiah’s language is not befitting his office and I know that many Zambians must be extremely ashamed of his conduct as head of state.”

Sata said President Banda was cracking due to political pressure. He said President Banda’s recent conduct confirmed that he was not ready for the office he currently occupies.

“What do you expect a hijacker President to tell us as citizens? Hijacker Presidents have no agenda and hijacker Presidents can’t chart their own course. So Rupiah is panicking. He is under immense political pressure and he is cracking hence the insults,” Sata said.

“We can all see that he is panicking. But some of us understand the panic of the President because he has no platform to stand on. He feels extremely rejected even in his own party, MMD, and is trying so hard to gain acceptance wherever he goes. That’s why all he is doing now is to just be moving like a headless chicken”
Sata said insults would not assist President Banda in gaining popularity.

“Hichilema is a human being with two legs and not a dog. Tell Rupiah that as he panics, he should not call people dogs because the leaders of the Pact are not dogs, they are human beings,” said Sata.

And Hichilema said he was not affected by President Banda’s statement.

“I have taken note of Rupiah Banda calling me a dog. I have not called him a dog myself and for his own information, dogs walk on four legs. I walk on two legs. If he chooses to call me a dog, that is his choice. I am not bothered by that. We have come to politics where we found indecent people. But we will try to bring decency,” Hichilema said.

“The Zambian people will judge him by his conduct. By now it’s clear that Zambians have made a decision that they have a wrong person in the Presidency. He is panicking, he is aware that people want change and he believes by calling Hakainde a dog he will recover.”

Hichilema urged President Banda not to shift his panic to other people.

“He is further denting his image as a person occupying the Presidency. I am aware that he doesn’t know what to do. The Zambian people will prevail and we will have the last laugh,” he said.

Hichilema said his campaign team in Mufumbwe was not scared.

“I have brought Charles Kakoma back in the war zone. He is here with me. We will keep focusing our attention on the campaigns. The MMD and the police have just become one here,” Hichilema said.

“There is no political leadership in the country. And it’s a pity we have such a leadership.”

Addressing a public rally at Freedom Park in Mwinilunga on Sunday, President Banda accused Hichilema of having likened him to a dog last week.

“I said I am not worried. I am like a father to him, so if I am a dog, then he is a puppy. He is a son of a dog,” President Banda said.

Last week in Mongu, Hichilema said if the MMD continued to go along the line of hooliganism, President Banda would be chased like a dog in 2011.

This was after MMD cadres roughed up UPND members who had gone to Mongu Airport to welcome Hichilema who had travelled there to witness the Kuomboka ceremony. The MMD cadres even beat up former UPND Sikongo member of parliament Col Best Makumba’s wife, in full view of the police.

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