Friday, April 23, 2010

(HERALD) Tips on good soil management

Tips on good soil management
Agriculture Reporter

Sustainable agriculture systems are based on ecological soil management practices that maintain fertility by providing optimum conditions for soil activity reducing the use of farm inputs in the process.

Agritex conservation specialists have certain guidelines for soil management techniques.

Tips on soil management

l Minimise damage to the soil while clearing the field to plant and retain trees where possible.

l Disturb the soil as little as possible while loosening it.

l Aerate soil.

l Protect land from erosion and degradation.

l Guard against negative effects of irrigation.

l Provide ground cover for bare ground to minimise erosion and help retain moisture.

l Provide nutrients by recycling minerals in the soil.

l Support a stable soil structure with mulch and humus.

l Integrate agroforestry to protect and preserve the soil.



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