Saturday, April 24, 2010

(MRK) Understanding Neoliberal Economics And Corporate Globalisation

Neoliberalism, Corporatism And Food Safety

Here are a couple of documentaries that are required viewing for anyone who is still under the misconceptiont that attracting Foreign Direct Investment and creating Multi-Functional Economic Zones (MFEZ's) should be government policy, instead of protecting and funding domestic producers and growers.

First, Life And Debt, the great documentary by Stephanie Black, which has so many echoes of the effect of these policies on Zambia. Especially Part VI shows how what happened with the "Free Trade Zones" (MFEZ's), the exploitation of labour and the eventual importation of Chinese workers) is a direct echo of what happened in Jamaica.

Life and Debt Part I

Life and Debt Part II

Life and Debt Part III

Life and Debt Part IV

Life and Debt Part V

Life and Debt Part VI (4:48 - 'free zones'; for Schweitzer & Associates)

Life and Debt Part VII

Life and Debt Part VIII

Next, there is the documentary FOOD INC. This shows the effect of factory farming (which you could call 'farming for the factory' rather than the consumer) and the continued concentration of wealth and power in the hands of fewer and fewer corporations not only on the quality of food, but on our collective quality of life. When all a company thinks of is maximizing profits, it starts to grow corn and potatoes and chickens and beef so they can fit their machines. They are not trying to produce a higher quality product by any means.

This dehumanizes both the consumer and disrespects the life of the plants and animals, and in the end leads to the early demise of everyone involved. With a short contribution from the great Joel Salatin and his Polyface Farm.

Food Inc Part 1 of 10

Food Inc Part 2 of 10

Food Inc Part 3 of 10

Food Inc Part 4 of 10

Food Inc Part 5 of 10

Food Inc Part 6 of 10

Food Inc Part 7 of 10

Food Inc Part 8 of 10

Food Inc Part 9 of 10

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