Saturday, April 17, 2010

UNIP vows to get Milanzi seat

UNIP vows to get Milanzi seat
By Sandra Lombe
Sat 17 Apr. 2010, 03:40 CAT

UNIP has said it will ensure that no other political party gets the Milanzi seat. In an interview, Eastern Province chairman Donald Sakala said the Milanzi seat was as good as theirs because they had a good candidate.

Sakala said as long as MMD did not use underhand methods, UNIP would win the Milanzi by-election. He said UNIP was the people’s favourite party.

“Our focus as a party now is on the Milanzi by-elections. UNIP has more councillors than any other party in Milanzi - there are nine UNIP councillors and the 10th one is independent. The party is on the ground. As long as the MMD avoids underhand methods and forming clubs especially in by-election areas, we have a high chance of winning,” he said.

He said UNIP was aware that the MMD was allegedly giving out money to the old people to entice them to vote.

“But now the mood in the country has changed, people want change of government and that is a good sign for us in the opposition. In Milanzi, we are working very hard to ensure that we get the seat. We have a good candidate Musa Banda. For two years he has been there and preparing for the 2011 elections. He was already on the ground preparing for 2011, he is not a new candidate,” he said.

“We are not working with any other party on the province, we want to ensure that no other party penetrates.”

Sakala said there was only one UNIP and there was now peace in the party as the ‘rebels’ had left.

“It’s very quiet nowadays. We are re-organising the party. We will have a congress before the 2011 elections,” said Sakala.

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